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Signification of Namaste in Yogic and Indian culture.

Namaste Namaste or Namaskar - What does it mean? Nama means bow , as means I , and te means you. Therefore, Namaste means “ I bow to you". Namaste allows two individuals to come together energetically to a place of connection. Bringing the hands together at the heart chakra. One can do Namaste to oneself as a meditation technique to go deeper inside the heart chakra. Namaste   by bowing down your head and joining your hands, the gesture implies ‘ May our minds Meet '. This is a great way of expressing your love, respect, and friendship to the person whom you meet. There is a great significance of Namaste in Indian Culture .  There is no piece of creation without the hand of the creator operating in it. The source of creation is operating within every cell and atom. That is why in Indian culture if you look up at the sky, the culture taught you to bow down. If you look down at the earth, you bow down. If you see a man, a woman, a child, a cow, a tree, or whatever, you bow

CHOICES one must always make them wisely

CHOICES At some point in time, everyone have to make choices. There is a pool of options from which we have to choose the best one for ourselves. We have numerous alternatives and we can choose any one of them. But the option we choose must be picked after evaluating every option. We should observe the pros and cons of every option and then pick the one which is most suitable for us. In life, if you ever face such a difficult situation, when you have to make a tough choice, you should analyze all the options available to you. There are always choices, no matter what we do. From choosing clothes to wear out or to select subjects which will lead our way to our career, there are lot of situations in which we have to make tough choices in life. We always have options and we have to pick the best option. Once we make a choice we should always accept the circumstances coming with it. We should always live in present and never think about the past.  It should be crystal clear "Once t

How to understand your Journey Within?

We all have a different and destined journey but if we can’t find happiness and peace within ourselves we can never find it in the world around us. If you look around yourself, you will just find hypocrisy and contradiction in religion and hate, sectarianism and prejudice in the name of loving God. You can either just reject the idea of spirituality and religion or you can look for something which is true and close to our heart combining all the spiritual paths. It is not true that only monks or priests or reverends can find it. Doesn’t matter in which profession you are, it is all about how you see things around yourself, how you judge things around yourself and find out how it can be used as an instrument of love for you. If you look around yourself you can find a lot of hypocrisy and duality around you. There is a business going on there in the name of religion. I’m not putting up one religion and defaming others. Every religion has it's onboard. Every God is pleased by diffe