CHOICES one must always make them wisely


At some point in time, everyone have to make choices. There is a pool of options from which we have to choose the best one for ourselves. We have numerous alternatives and we can choose any one of them. But the option we choose must be picked after evaluating every option. We should observe the pros and cons of every option and then pick the one which is most suitable for us.

In life, if you ever face such a difficult situation, when you have to make a tough choice, you should analyze all the options available to you.

There are always choices, no matter what we do. From choosing clothes to wear out or to select subjects which will lead our way to our career, there are lot of situations in which we have to make tough choices in life. We always have options and we have to pick the best option. Once we make a choice we should always accept the circumstances coming with it. We should always live in present and never think about the past. 

It should be crystal clear

"Once the choice is made there is no going back in life"

We can never rewind our life so there is no point of being upset about the situation which is gone. Some choices are simple, straightforward but the majority are much more complex. So whatever choices we have made those should be taken in a positive way as we have control on our lives but not on situations that come our way.

As it is said 

"Life is a bed of roses but roses with thorns" 

If there are soft petals there will be rough thorns. If there are happy times there are tougher times. It depends on you how you accept the fact. The time is always the same. There is no easy or hard time. It's your mindset which makes it easy or tough.

When you chose something, you must always be sure of it. Take your time to make your choice but when you do always be confident about what you choose. Don’t think of other options then. Don’t think what would have happened if I’d have chosen that.

That moment is gone. There is no reverse gear in life. So it's not worth thinking of what happened. Live in the present and think for the future.

Think of the new circumstances that will come after you have made a choice. Think of opportunities that you have created for yourself by making that one single choice. Look at the brighter side of your choice always, so that you feel confident and strong about the choice you made.

There are a lot of people walking around, really dissatisfied with their lives, unable to put their fingers on what it is that's so troublesome. Your time is far too valuable to waste it by wondering about "what could have been" 

We need to make sure our actions are consistent with our will, our beliefs, and what we want for our life. 

With this gift of choice comes the responsibility so always choose wisely.


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