What are the best ways to fight stress?

Best ways to fight stress Let’s first understand, what is stress   Stress can be positive and as well as negative, it has both sides. Stress is actually a normal part of life. At times, it serves a useful purpose. Stress can motivate you in many spheres of life, it can be your work life, a promotion at work, or starting a new job.  Positive stress encourages positive growth. But if u can't handle your stress and then it becomes long-term which can have a bad impact on your job, family life and health.  Sometimes stress comes from inside rather than outside.  You can easily stress yourself out just by worrying about things.  The factors lead to stress are:-  • Fear and uncertainty   • Unrealistic expectations  • Any major life change   • Health conditions   So managing your stress can make a real difference in everything like health, mental stability and peaceful life.  There are various therapies that actually work to fight stress:-  • Yoga and meditation   • Acupuncture   • Aromat

Most Effective Ways To Overcome Commitment Problems in life

Commitment How will you describe commitment if you are asked to? Most of us will say commitment means trying hard or making a lot of attempts or sticking to the decision which we made. It is true but this is not what exactly commitment means. There is a book named “Ultimate secret to getting absolutely everything you want” by Mike Hernacki. According to the book, the key to getting what you want is “willingness to do whatever it takes”. Willingness is a mental attitude which says If it takes 10, 50 or even 100 steps to reach my goal, I'll take all the necessary steps. Of course, in the beginning, you usually won’t know exactly how many steps will be required to reach your goal. This doesn’t matter. If you want success, you have to make a commitment to do whatever it takes- regardless of the number of steps involves. When you started being committed towards your goal, your dream, and you ready to face every difficulty that comes your way; you will start to attract people and circums

Best way to overcome Rejection in life

Rejection There are some situations in your life when you will be rejected. There will be a time when you just want to hear a yes but you will always hear a no! There will be a time when you will be expecting something different from your life but something else will happen. You will have to face rejections, non- acceptance, abandonment and negligence. What will you do when you face it? How are you going to accept the fact that you are rejected? How will you feel getting knocked out? Well, these are some questions you will ask yourself but it’s only you who can help yourself. Generally what people do is a fight. They fight for themselves, for their position, and for their reputation. Let’s take a small situation everyone has faced in their childhood. A kid asks his mom for going out with his friends. His mom refuses and says that you went out yesterday only so you cannot go today. Now he is wondering why he is rejected for such a small thing? He will fight for his desires. He is goin

Why Schools need yoga and mindfulness?

  YOGA is not a religion, which can be limit in one place or a particular area.  Yoga is a way of living a balanced life.  Therefore, Yoga is the basic foundation for a human being to reach the highest possibilities.  Our education system needs awareness.    Awareness can be achieved only by the perfect balance of body, mind, emotions and soul.  Educating students in schools about Yoga and mindfulness enhances their mind and body to attain maximum benefits about our universe, body mechanism, our environment, and much more.  Yoga and meditation enhance the focus and memory power in children so that they can absorb the academic environment in the highest possibilities.   Most importantly children need a harmonious environment.  Yoga and meditation teach peace, compassion, understanding, and harmony.  Stress and depression in today’s life are on peak whether it’s about their academic career or personal growth.  Yoga is the only way out and an ideal solution that can help to tackle

Attitude, Meaning and its Nature

Attitude The way you think reflects the way you do things. Your attitude is a mental filter through which you are going to see the world. Either you take it in a positive or optimistic way or you take it in a negative or pessimistic way, the choice is always yours. The day you start changing your thoughts from I can’t to I can, will be the day your path to success and positivity will start. When we were young, we all start with a positive attitude. Look at the children around you, they are always smiling, giggling, and happy with whatever they do. They always have a positive attitude towards life and love to explore new things. Let’s say your attitude is key to a whole new world. So would you like to enter into a blissful world or a world full of misery? Well, as I mentioned before the choice is yours. The door is required to go out or to come in. A clearer door is always preferable one than a door that has a lot of dust on it. No one will exit or enter the door which is full of du

Hatha Yoga and its Benefits

HATHA Yoga Ha refers to “ Sun " and Tha refers to “ M oon ”   It is the uniting of sun and moon - the Masculine and Feminine .  It simply refers to the practice of physical yoga postures.  HATHA YOGA has been practiced for at least 5000 years, its actual origin is difficult to determine. But the term ‘ Hatha ' was first recorded in the 11th century and it wasn't until the late 19th century that it came to America, gaining mainstream popularity in the 1960s.  The 8 limbs of Hatha Yoga are defined as Yama (abstinences), Niyama (observances), Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing), Pratyahara (withdrawal), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (absorption).  The eight limbs form a sequence from the outer to the inner.  Hatha Yoga is considered a gentle yoga that focuses on static poses and is great for beginners.  A traditional Hatha Yoga practice will incorporate breathing, meditation and basic postures.  Now we will start with Hatha Yoga postu

Happiness is the key of living a Healthy Life

HAPPINESS   When I was a kid I had a doll. Her name was Betty. I took her wherever I used to go. She stayed with me all the time. I used to talk to her, do her hair, gave her a bath, take her to swings to garden, played with her all the time, share her secrets and whatnot. We were like best buddies. Whenever I talked to her the feeling I had was amazing. It is not something I can’t put into words. It was like I was happiest with her. Isn’t it strange that I was happy with what you call is merely a “doll”? Well back then when we were young when we were kids we all used to be happy in small things. My dad would bring me chocolate on his way back home from the office. My mom would make me my favorite dish. Granny would tell me my favorite fairytale.  Grandpa played with me and taught me coloring. And I felt like I am the happiest person alive on this planet or even in the universe. Small things would make me happy, very small. And not just me every kid would be happy if he or she had thos